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05/21/2007 - My wife and I were at the Dayton Hamvention this past weekend.  It was a blast.  But more so, it was an interesting time for ARF.  I had T-shirts made that said "Hams!  Ask me about A.R.F.".  There were a number of folks walking about with the shirts and we managed to get the word out!  So much so in fact, that we have the attention of the ARRL and other significant parties!  Watch for more details on the ARF Web site!

Note that the ARF site is at its own domain: "". 

05/18/2007 - The site is back online.  It took about 8 days, due to a large error by my hosting provider.  But it's back and we'll have plenty to talk about over the coming days!

2/14/2007 - ARF will be on display at the Castle Shannon VFD for the Wireless  Association of the South Hills (WASH) "WASHFest 2007".  It's this coming Sunday (02/25), so come on out!

2/14/2007 - I've been adding blog posts on the ARF site to let folks know where I'm at along the way.

2/3/2007 - Check out the new ARF site.  It has a lot of detail on my upcoming release of a new Amateur Radio product!

2/2/2007 - This is the new site home page.  It certainly should be an improvement over the old one and has a bit more information for your enjoyment.

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